Our Philosophy

Our homes and buildings are measures of ourselves, and as such, they should inspire us to our greatest potential. Exceptional architecture does exactly this. It imparts awe and wonder, inspires contemplation, fosters interaction between strangers, and celebrates a distinct cultural character.

At MGLM Architects, we endeavor to restore an architectural language that actually speaks. Rather than placeless modern buildings or banal practical solutions, our buildings tell stories of the people inside and around them.

They are also unapologetically beautiful. Our practice is steeped in the principles, proportions, and artistic details of great architecture of the past; yet every design is solidly rooted in the present moment, with a view toward the future.

No two projects have ever been alike, and they never will be. With careful attention to the surroundings and project goals, our bespoke buildings and interiors are timeless, appearing that they have always been—and will always be—right where they are.