Quigley Puck

“Ask not for whom the dog barks. It barks for thee.”

Hailing from an anonymous suburb in Wisconsin, this furious furball was rescued by in the 11th hour from a kill shelter, along with 22 other pups. We are eternally grateful!

Not long after the rescue, he appeared online with some adorable photos. As soon as we met this tiny little mutt with a big confident attitude, he stole our collective heart. Ever since, he has been equal parts entertaining, persistent, endearing, creative, enterprising, energizing, and startling (with his propensity to bark at nothing). We consider him MGLM’s mascot.

He is as small as a lapdog, but as big as a shepherd in his heart and mind. When you arrive in the office, don’t be surprised if he runs to greet you, barking his head off with an abnormally high pitch (yeah, we don’t understand it either). He had a tough beginning, but he’s now a spoiled pooch, so grab a milkbone from the counter and toss it to him - you’ll have a friend for life.