Red Card Bar

Sports Complex — Chicago, Illinois

A variety of interior settings create new perspectives from which to enjoy a live game, drinks and conversation, or televised matches in this indoor soccer complex planned for the South Side of Chicago.

Additions to the brick exterior connote a familiar fieldhouse aesthetic, scaling down the industrial building. For the upper-level bar and lounge, spaced wooden bands drop the ceiling and echo the floorboards below, leaving glimpses of the original metal trusses. Copper elements shaped like penalty cards hang in random patterns from the ceiling, shifting in perspective as people pass by below.

The design provides amenities for teams and their families and fans, including locker rooms, six indoor fields, an elevated bird’s nest with 360-degree views, and a centrally accessible snack station. Yet with a bar and lounge, billiards tables, and multiple screens tuned to professional matches in other parts of the world, the Red Card Bar also functions as a gathering place for the surrounding community of sports enthusiasts to enjoy.