Teds Beer Hall & Wine Bar

Church Conversion — Fort Wayne, IN

Converting an old church into a market, bakery, and wine bar, was a unique project in preserving one history and creating another. The goal was to keep the original A-frame structure and enhance the character by adding a "lantern" on the roof and change the language to more of a barn. Numerous windows were added to increase natural light and bricks were re-used wherever possible, conserving waste and cost. Walk-in coolers were added near a full bakery that now occupies the old church offices and lounge area.

The basement was a Sunday-school setting complete with double dropped ceiling, covered over fireplace, and brightly painted walls. The conversion to a Wine Bar included additional structural columns to support the increased load of the kitchen equipment above, opening up the ceiling to expose the multitude of trusses, and refinishing the floor, adding bathrooms, a dumb-waiter, and a number of other changes. The result is a dramatic transformation and a new intimate venue for Fort Wayne.