The Treehouse

Private Residence — Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

The owners of this historic lakeside residence, designed in 1937 by architect Harold Zook, wished to transform their former weekend retreat into a year-round family home. During a renovation responding to their needs and taste, MGLM accentuated the original design of the residence while seamlessly modernizing its infrastructure and building systems.

Custom floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, fireplace mantel and hearth, and wooden wall paneling emphasize the home’s unique aesthetic, which is replete with the diagonal lines and patterning of Zook’s eclectic style. As tribute to the architect’s famous spiderweb motif, MGLM crafted a delicate and delightfully eccentric stair railing and fireplace screen.

At 125 years of age, the grand elm tree next to the house is among the oldest in the region. New landscaping, including a winding bluestone pathway, ensure the preservation and peaceful coexistence of the home and this beautiful living relic of Lake Geneva’s ecosystem.