New Construction — Provo, Utah

Designed as a living memoir, the Viaggiatore Residence celebrates one family’s lineage, love for world travel, and the achievements of past generations.

After an inspiration-gathering tour of Rome, owner and architect agreed on a silhouette derived from the fin-de-siecle villas of northern Italy. At the same time, materials root this 7,000-square-foot home in its immediate context. The metalwork is fabricated locally, while the striking blue roof tiles echo Utah’s Wasatch mountain range beyond the private estate.

For the tower interior, MGLM collaborated with the family patriarch, a renowned landscape artist, to create a series of murals based on journeys undertaken throughout his lifetime. Intended as an heirloom for future generations, these murals and numerous symbolic motifs throughout the project are finely tailored to the family’s identity, making the architecture itself inseparable from its inhabitants.