Lake Forest Development

Master Planning — Lake Forest, Illlinois

MGLM was approached by a concerned group of residents that sought guidance to pursue an alternate development scheme for a prominent site in their community. They desired a design concept that better reflected the scale and style of the historic Lake Forest neighborhoods they cherish.

The alternate concept displays how the same density (including both rental and owner-occupied residential unit types) could be accommodated in a more fine-grain scale of development. Utilizing a diverse mix of housing types that fronted onto intimate streets and welcoming public spaces, the plan creates a more walkable and well-connected neighborhood that responds appropriately to the environment around it.

In a two week design exercise that culminated in a presentation to the Plan Commission, MGLM was able to translate the residents ideas, consider the market demands of the city, and accommodate the basic logistics required for such a development – to craft a concept that harmoniously adds to the architectural and fabric of the city. The schematic site plan maintained maximum flexibility to adapt to market and community demands but was able to clearly communicate the previously missed potential to create a neighborhood of lasting value.