Southeast Neighborhood Master Plan

Master Planning — South Bend, Indiana

Located less than a mile south of the heart of downtown South Bend, directly east of a new technology park, and adjacent to St. Joseph River; the Southeast Neighborhood is poised at a critical location with an incredible amount of untapped potential. The City of South Bend contracted MGLM to guide the vision process and generate a master plan for the neighborhood. We couldn’t have asked for more to work with: An engaging and motivated group of stakeholders, residents, and city officials; and a neighborhood that has so many assets to leverage. It is a creative challenge to restore and enhance, to respect old and to foster change simultaneously. The importance of such a plan is not that it has all the details set in stone, rather it is to help put on paper a clear and compelling vision of the whole, of all the possibilities of a thriving neighborhood scene - so that every individual and entity that chooses to come to the table can see just how and where they might find a home here.